DISK: Selection Criteria definition over 72 characters
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DISK: Selection Criteria definition over 72 characters


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


Below a DISK DSCL sample where the SELECT CRI Statement ends in column 63 and it perfectly works :  

 SCAN REALVOLS                                                    
 SELECT SGNAME=(XSYS,PSYS),                                       
  BACKUP RETPD=30                                                 

How to code the  SELECT CRI statement in a way that makes selection going beyond 72 characters .


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 It is possible to span the SELECT CRITERIA in multiple lines, so no problem if the whole CRITERIA text is longer than 72 chars, the most important thing is that every line should end with a ',' (with a comma) .

Disk knows that the CRITERIA spans from the 1st '(' up to the last ')' where every physical line within the () ends with a comma.

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