Rally Adapter for Jira Date Issue
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Rally Adapter for Jira Date Issue


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Intermittent issue with dates in Rally that has been seen for Risks and Features. For example, when an update happened for a summary field in Jira on 12th October, both Name & Target Resolution date was changed in Rally by adapter and the 'Target resolution date' was changed to "Oct 31st 17:00 MST 2003" which does not match with Jira. Only thing changed for that item was the name, but the date changed anyway. 

Seems to have take the date as the month in some instances for example:




The root cause of this issue was a third party library which the Adapter is using to handle Date transformations. This transformation was failing randomly on rare occasion which caused some timestamp values getting changed when synced to Rally. We have solved the issue by substituting this 3rd party library call.


A fix has been developed currently awaiting a release date.