Required ports, protocols, and services for the Secure Access Cloud appliance
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Required ports, protocols, and services for the Secure Access Cloud appliance


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Identify the ports, addresses, and services that must be opened to ensure that Secure Access Cloud (SAC) connectors have the proper access.


About SAC Connector Connectivity

SAC Connectors are lightweight software agents, which are distributed as lightweight Docker containers, that must be deployed in the corporate data centers. Each connector can broker connectivity to multiple applications, services, or workloads (providing it can connect to them internally). Connectors reach out to SAC Points of Delivery (PoDs) to serve the connections.The SAC Connector requires external connectivity to several endpoints, depending on the location of the tenant. For all other connections, port 443 is required. You can verify that the IP address is accessible, and that port 443 is open by running a telnet command from the connector host:

>> telnet IP PORT

Determine the Location of a Tenant

Tenants are divided into two geographical areas (USA and Europe). The IP address connectivity requirements differ per region. If you are not sure where your tenant is located, enter the following commands:


Locate the region in the response:

nslookup :

nslookup :

US IP Address Requirements

Find the US IP address requirements here:

Europe IP Address Requirements

Find the EU IP address requirements here:

Required URLs

The following URLs must be allowed by any firewalls present (for egress). The URLs are required for installing SAC site connectors.

Resources (for site connectors) set to Broadcom Repository:

Resources (for site connectors) set to Docker Hub:



Additional Information

For an index of ports and protocols articles, refer to the following article: Required ports, protocols, and services for Broadcom appliances.

For details about earlier versions and legacy products, see the PDF document Required Ports, Protocols, and Services for Symantec Enterprise Security Products.