AppNeta M25/M35 RMAs
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AppNeta M25/M35 RMAs


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I have an AppNeta M25/M35 which has become unresponsive to USB, Network and Console access attempts.


The majority of RMA cases for M25/M35s fell into a couple of categories:

1. Significant File System Corruption due to loss of power or another source.  Typically these could be recovered in field by simply rebooting an M25/M35 as if the device and properly boot and being loading we can utilize a utility called fsck (file system consistency check) to correct most file system corruption issues.
If the corruption is bad enough that it does not boot properly, we would have the device RMA'd so the storage could be replaced.

2. Storage Medium failure.  The M25/M35 utilizes CF Cards as it's storage medium, while we utilized the highest possible quality of CF Card possible they still have a much more limited lifespan than traditional storage options.  In a large portion of RMA cases we had to replace the CF Cards and reflash the device with the factory default image.


AppNeta Product tackled the Storage Medium failures by changing the type of drive used.  Newer Monitoring Point Models such as the M50 or M70 use proper Solid State Drives.  Since the M50/M70 were released we have not had RMA cases that we are aware of being directly tied to the SSD's in these Monitoring Points failing at a hardware level.

M25/M35's will not be returned for RCA and when replaced the M25/M35 can be disposed of per your company policy.


If the M25/M35 does not provide any USB Output, Network responsiveness, Console Output (if available) it will be RMA'd and replaced with an M50 or M70 depending on the country where the replacement is being shipped.

Additional Information

Recently we have announced on January 30 2023 that the M25, M35 and R45 Monitoring Points will be End of Life on Jan 31, 2024.