CA Service Desk Manager Oauth Documentation and Best Practices
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CA Service Desk Manager Oauth Documentation and Best Practices


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Beginning in early 2021, Microsoft began to disable BASIC authentication to Microsoft 365.

This affects CA Service Desk Manager users as some organizations leverage mailboxes located in Azure/Microsoft 365.

Broadcom has enabled OAuth 2.0 support to allow connections to Microsoft365 mailboxes.

OAuth2.0 documentation exists in many locations and this KB will serve as a central hub


Service Desk Manager 17.3 RU4 and Higher



OAuth 2.0 support is announced in 17.3 RU4

MANDATORY post installation steps

Note: Each RU patch has these steps as post installation steps. Please check the appropriate post installation steps for the RU version used in your CA SDM environment

Configuration Documentation

Define a Mailbox

Connecting Maileater to Office 365

How to Connect CA SDM to the Office365 Servers Using SSL



OAuth Setup for Maileater

Administrative Consent

Some user environments do not want to give security permissions to the mailbox users in Azure.

In response, we have enabled support for Administrative Consent where an administrator is allowed to consent to generate an OAuth token.  

This feature was introduced in RU11

Note: Single Tenant Applications in Azure are supported in 17.3 RU21 and higher

Additional Information