Deletion protection feature in SpanVA
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Deletion protection feature in SpanVA


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CASB Gateway Advanced


This article describes a new feature in SpanVA which protects against mass deletion of users.



This feature is built to protect against large deletion of users which could be a cause of a mistake in the configuration. it is profile specific feature.
When enabled, auto-sync updates will be ignored when the number of deleted users makes up more than the given percentage of the overall number of user synced through this profile.

If for example the total number of users matching the user search is 100 user accounts, and if the deletion protection is set at 10%. in this case, any subsequent directory sync cycle will only succeed if the number of user accounts to be deleted is less than or equal 10.

If for any reason the directory sync cycle finds more than 10 users to be deleted (10%), then the directory sync will be skipped all together (user addition, user updates and user deletions).

The field accepts only integer values in the range between 1-100



Enabled and set at 1%


Invalid value: