Unable to remove 8 devices - delete is grayed out
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Unable to remove 8 devices - delete is grayed out


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CA Spectrum


I am re-arraigning and cleaning old devices in the initial status. I came across 8 VMware ESX hosts that are no longer active and want to delete them from Spectrum. They seem to not be part of the universe, and only part of a global collection. I get error SPC-OCC-10728 that I would need to exclude from the search criteria. I do not see how that would allow me to delete the device from Spectrum. 


Release : 22.2


1. Navigate to one of these devices, and in the top Contents section, click the List tab.

2. Then, in the bottom Component Detail section, click on the attributes tab

3. Search for the attribute EditModesMask (0x130cc) and double-click on it

4. In the right section, double-click the value and set it to 0

5. Try to delete the item now

6. If this does not work, go back in and change EditModesMask to 244

7. Try to delete the item now