View owner without 'Views - Administer' right is unable to delete the view
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View owner without 'Views - Administer' right is unable to delete the view


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Although a user can create a saved view, once an Administrator marks the view as a 'Recommended' view, the user is not able to delete it because the user does not have the 'Views - Administer' access right. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Login to MUX with a user (user1) without 'Views - Administer' right 
  2. Create a view (view1) on any grid and share the view with everyone 
  3. Login as admin or any user with 'Views - Administer' right 
  4. Make view1 as Recommended 
  5. Login as user1 and try deleting the view 

Expected Results: The user should have the ability to delete the views they created. 

Actual Results: After the administrator marks the view 'Recommended', the user is not able to delete the view. A Toast message quickly pops up and the view is not deleted.  There is a detailed error in the app log. 

Workaround: A user with the 'Views - Administer' access can delete the view or the Administrator can unmark it as a 'Recommended' view and then the creator can delete the view. 



Release 16.1.1 




Not a Defect. 

When a Saved View has been marked as a 'Recommended' View by the Administrator, this view is now managed by the Administrator with the 'Views - Administer' access. 

Best Practice Recommendation is for an Administrator to make a copy of a view created by other users so that the user who created the original view can still retain control of that view.