Upgrade Script for {Master} - Copy - {Sub} Access Rights
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Upgrade Script for {Master} - Copy - {Sub} Access Rights


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After upgrading to Release 16.1.1, the new {Master} - Copy - {Sub} and {Master} - Copy - {SubSub} Access Rights are not created on the existing custom sub and sub-sub objects.  These rights are used for granting access to all the child or grandchild records for specific master records using the OBS Unit association on the master or by using the master instance record. If a new 2nd-level or 3rd-level sub object is created, the access rights are created as expected. 

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Upgrade to Release 16.1.1 for a system that has existing 2nd-level and optionally 3rd-level sub objects 
  2. Login to Classic PPM 
  3. Go into Administration, Resources, Access Rights tab for either OBS Unit or Instance 
  4. Search for the new 'Copy' access rights for the Master Custom Object, then look for the access rights: {Master} - Copy - {2nd-level} and {Master} - Copy - {3rd-level}  
  5. Examine the License Information portlets 
  6. Search for the new 'Copy' access rights for the {Master} - Copy - {2nd-level} and for {Master} - Copy - {3rd-level}  

Expected Results: New {Master} - Copy - {Sub} and {Master} - Copy - {SubSub} Access Rights should appear in the Administration License information portlets and be available for granting access in a system group or directly to a resource through OBS Unit or Instance Access. 

Actual Results: The new {Master} - Copy - {Sub} and {Master} - Copy - {SubSub} Access Rights are not created after the upgrade for existing custom sub or sub-sub objects. 

Workaround: Using the Global {2nd-level} - Copy or {3rd-level} - Copy access rights will provide the user with the ability to copy sub object records for any Master object record for which they have access.  It won't be restricted to specific Master object records. 


Release 16.1.1 




Targeted Fix with an upgrade script for Release 16.1.2