Copy - Name* field is using the Default Value and not the source record value
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Copy - Name* field is using the Default Value and not the source record value


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When a Custom Sub Object (child) or Sub-Sub Object (grandchild) record has a Studio Default Value defined, the 'Copy' action from the Master/Parent record will create the copied record with the value from the Studio Default Value instead of using the Source record saved value. Custom Fields with a Studio Default Value don't exhibit this issue; the value from the source record is copied as expected. 

There is the 'Investment Sub-Object' for which the 'Name' field has a default = 'New Record'.

  • I created a template that has records with different values in the Name field
  • I used the template to create Project New From Template.
  • I checked the results on the Investment Sub-Object and the name field is showing 'New Record' instead of the original source record Name value. 
  • If I have a custom studio-required field with a default value it is working as expected and copies the source value and not the 'default' value. The 'name' field should behave the same. 
  • The administrator will set a 'Default' on a Custom Object because they may be using this for data extraction. 
  • Using 'Auto-Numbering' on the Name field works as expected
    • When the record is copied to a new source master, the auto-number is copied as-is 
    • When the record is copied within the same object, a new auto-number is generated 


Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Set a value as a Default Value in the Name* field on a Sub Object 
  2. Create a Master record and some Sub Object records 
  3. Change the 'Name' on the Sub Object records so it is not the same as the Default Value 
  4. Be sure the user has all access rights to copy the Master and the Sub Object  
  5. Copy the Master 
  6. Examine the records copied over from the Sub Object 

Expected Results: The 'Name' value should be the same that was entered on the source record for the sub-object, not the default value from Studio. 

Actual Results: The 'Name' value on the copied records shows the default value from Studio. 

Workaround: Don't define a Default Value in Studio for the 'Name' field if 'Copy' will be used.  If the new record gets the default value copied, the user will need to manually update the Name field.  


Release 16.1.1 




Targeted Fix in Release 16.1.2

When an item is copied, the value on the 'Name' field from the 'source' record is copied instead of using the Studio Default value.