Project Child Sub Object missing the 'Copy' button/action
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Project Child Sub Object missing the 'Copy' button/action


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The new 'Copy' button / action is missing on the Projects Custom Sub Object (Child) Module grid even though the user has the new {Project Child} - Copy access right. The action shows up as expected for Ideas and Custom Investment Types (CITs). 

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Login as admin/admin and go to a PROJECT that has some Child sub object records 
  2. Right-click to look for the 'Copy' action - or -
  3. Check the selector box and look for the 'Copy' button on the grid action bar  

Expected Results: When the user has the permission to copy a Project Custom Sub Object, the 'Copy' action should appear enabled for the user to invoke the copy. 

Actual Results: No 'Copy' button/action is available to the user even though they have the correct access rights. 

Workaround: The REST API 'copy' has an endpoint which can be used to directly copy a Project child sub object record. 


Release 16.1.1 




Targeted Fix in Release 16.1.2