The third level (Grandchild) sub-object is missing the Copy Action
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The third level (Grandchild) sub-object is missing the Copy Action


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The third-level (grandchild) Sub Sub Object is missing the 'Copy' action.  Going to a (child) Sub Object and then opening up the Details fly-out to view the grandchild records, the user does not see the right-click 'Copy' action although the user has the new global '{Grandchild} - Copy' access right. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Login to MUX, navigate to Admin -> Blueprints
  2. Find the 1Master Blueprint, Copy it, edit it, Add the Sub1 Module, Publish and make it default
  3. Navigate to Custom Objects, click on 1Master
  4. Create an instance; M1
  5. Click on M1, click on Sub1 tab and create an instance S1
  6. Click on S1, Open details tab and click on SubSub tab and create a grandchild instance ss1
  7. Right click on ss1 - notice no copy
  8. Expand the flyout sub-tab grid, select ss1

Expected Results: To see the 'Copy' action available for the user to directly copy a single record from the Details Flyout Tab. 

Actual Results: The 'Copy' action is not shown at all in the Details fly-out grid or when using the 'Expand' button to display the Modal grid. 

Workaround: The REST API 'copy' has a 3rd-level endpoint which can be used to directly copy a grandchild sub-sub object record. 



Release 16.1.1 




Targeted Fix in Release 16.1.2.