UIM 20.4 cu5 Daily SLA stays always at 100%
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UIM 20.4 cu5 Daily SLA stays always at 100%


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I'm trying to define a monthly, weekly and daily SLA job based on url_response times.

For the monthly and weekly jobs this works fine, but my daily sla is always at 100% even if there are a lot of breaches.

If i look in table: "select * from D_QOS_COMPLIANCE"

I can see that the columns "total" and "ok" stays 0, there where weekly and monthly jobs have valid values in these 2 columns.

By creating a daily SLA on critical resources/values be warned quickly if one of the defined sla group/job is having a possible problem

Is this normal behavior in SLA?


Release :

UIM 20.4 cu5 


mssql 2016


This is a defect.


This issue is fixed with the UIM 20.4 CU6 which is located in the bollow link.

DX Unified Infrastructure Management - Cumulative Updates & Patches