Unable to access portal.threatpulse.com using WSS Web-isolation setup
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Unable to access portal.threatpulse.com using WSS Web-isolation setup


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Web Isolation Cloud WSS add-on - Full Isolation


[Client]----[WSS]----[Web isolation cloud (Full isolation)]

Policy is setup to isolate all the traffic

When accessing portal.threatpulse.com through web isolation via WSS, the following error is seen

When you enter the email address, you get redirected to Broadcom login. After you enter the password and the OTP, you get redirected back to the home page and the above error is seen


Web isolation cloud



This is caused because the request to the parent site portal.threatpulse.com is not forwarded to Web isolation by WSS, however the subsequent URLs are isolated. Hence the authorization fails


  • As portal.threatpulse.com is a WSS cloud URL hosted by Broadcom, there are no benefits isolating this from security point of view as this will not induce any malicious content on the client browser.
  • Also, if we run into any unforeseen issue with the web isolation tenant or lose connectivity between the WSS and the web isolation tenant, then WSS admin would lose the ability to do any policy changes on the WSS as access to portal.threatpulse.com will not work if you forward the related URLs to isolation 


The solution is to create a rule on WSS to disable/bypass isolation for the below domains

- portal.threatpulse.com
- broadcomcloud.com