Cost Plan associated to Action Item not opening
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Cost Plan associated to Action Item not opening


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Action Item generated within a Process associated to a Cost Plan has a link to the Cost Plan.
Clicking on the Link fails to open the action item and an error is displayed.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In Modern UX, configure a Blueprint for a Page.

2. Include a Canvas Module on the Page. On the Canvas module, make sure the Action Items is enabled.

3. On the Pages tile, add a new page associated to the Blueprint configured on previuos step.

4. Configure the Canvas module to display the Action Items.

5. Now, the Action Items can be shown on Modern UX.

6. On Classic UI, configure a new process associated to the Cost Plan object (Object Type = Cost Plan)

7. Configure the Process to Auto-start, Start Event: Create and Update.

8. On the Start Step, configure an Action Item.

9. Configure the Action Item with some subject:
${thisCost Plan.inv_code} ${thisCost Plan.inv_name}

10. Select CA PPM Administrator from the Assignees list. Save the Action Item.

11. From the Start step go to Finish. (Then Go To = Finish).

12. Validate and Activate the Process associated to the Cost Plan.

13. Whithin a Project, add a new Cost Plan.

14. An Action Item is assigned to the user CA PPM Administrator. 

15. As CA PPM Administrator on the Modern UX, go to Pages Tile.

16. Select the Page displaying the Action Items. Click on Closed Action Items.

17. The Action Item display a link on the name of the new created cost plan
Cost Plan: <name_of_cost_plan>

18. Click on <name_of_cost_plan>


Expected Results: The details of the cost plan associated is opened on the Modern UX.
Actual Results: An error is displayed "Invalid custom object", and the Custom Objects tail is displayed.


Release : 16.1.0


That was reviwed as DE68523 

For cost plans the name should be displayed instead of link, as we are not supporting link for sub objects.

In release 16.1.1, for cost plans link is removed.


There should not be a link for Cost Plans in Action Items. 
This is fixed in 16.1.1, and the link is removed.