LAG aggregate interface removed after reboot
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LAG aggregate interface removed after reboot


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The aggregate interfaces added to a LAG (link aggregation group) are removed when the appliance reboots.


The event log displays the following messages:

LAGG: Member intf 1:0 attached to bridge!

LAGG: Member intf 1:1 attached to bridge!


The interfaces were detected to be members of a bridge group at the same time as the LAG.

The interfaces can only participate in one group at a time, so the initialization code removes them from the LAG.


  1. Check if the interfaces are part of a bridge group.

    SG#show interface 1:0
    SG#show interface 1:1

    The following line will show if the interface is a member of a bridge group or set to None:

    Member of the bridge: passthru-1

  2. Disable the associated bridge:

    SG#conf t
    SG#(config bridge)edit passthru-1
    SG#(config bridge passthru-1)mode disable
    Removing and reprogramming the attached bridge interfaces

  3. Repeat the commands in step 1 to confirm the interfaces are no longer a part of the bridge group.
    The relevant line should now show as:

    Member of the bridge: none

  4. Add the interfaces back to the LAG.

    SG#(config)interface aggr:1
    SG#(config interface aggr:1)add 1:0
    SG#(config interface aggr:1)add 1:1

Additional Information

This issue has been resolved in SGOS