Viptela - Collected Performance Metrics - Provisioned User
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Viptela - Collected Performance Metrics - Provisioned User


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Question regarding the vna gateway documentation

It is written that it will collect the current connections for the provisioned user.

But what does this mean?
I need to know this for our privacy and security assessment.
What kind of data is this? Which users?
Are their any user names or is this just single counter?
I couldnt find this in the metric families of an viptela device.


Release : 22.2


It will collect the SDN Provisioned user and the session details.


VNA will create SDNProvisionedUser for the users.  

They would be components of the controller.

Associated with those users would be a session count metric

we should see one component for every user.

You will be able to see how many sessions are open for that user, and when the sessions were opened, etc.  

You can of course view the metric via a report as an aggregate of all open sessions on the device ( e.g. # total number of sessions )

The users are components on the Controller