Invalid Materialized View DWH_TRD_SUM_TREND_BY_PER_MV
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Invalid Materialized View DWH_TRD_SUM_TREND_BY_PER_MV


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Materialized View DWH_TRD_SUM_TREND_BY_PER_MV in the Data Warehouse schema (Oracle) is invalid and cannot be recompiled.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Check the current compile status for DWH_TRD_SUM_TREND_BY_PER_MV (at this point, it may be valid or invalid).
  2. Try to compile the MV via SQL Developer.

Expected Results: The view is compiled successfully and remains valid.

Actual Results: The view is compiled successfully, but it is marked as invalid. Compiling with "admin db compile datawarehouse" also returns this view as invalid.


Release : 16.1.0




This issue has been fixed in Clarity 16.1.2.

Any Load Data Warehouse or Datawarehouse Trend jobs that fail in the middle of execution (and are not completed successfully) could make these objects in an invalid state in Oracle. For those, re-run it for a successful run and the views will be in a valid state.