ICOM consideration for new LPAR
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ICOM consideration for new LPAR


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Have an LPAR 1 which was CF coupled with a new LPAR 2. Now these two LPARs share same JES2 spool, DASD, XCF, resources. 

Our CA 7 is installed on LPAR 1. And we have following CA 7 tasks running on this LPAR 1. 

CA7MUF           -     Datacom MUF
CA7MPCOM     -     Local ICOM  
CA7M7COM     -     ICOM for Production Side
CA7NCF           -     NCF  
CA7TDOD        -     CA7ONL task 



Release : 12.1


For Prod and Test ICOMs, start both on new LPAR2, if running jobs from both prod and test instance of CA 7.

Do not have to format any datasets. Just start the task on the new LPAR.

ICOMs will then start tracking SMF and CA 7 on both sides (Prod, Dev) and receive a job status.

Still need to run NCF because it is communicating with a NCF2 site outside this Sysplex which is not shared DASD.