VNA (Viptela Plugin) sending old Alarms to Spectrum
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VNA (Viptela Plugin) sending old Alarms to Spectrum


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CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


VNA Viptela plugin is sending old alarms to Spectrum where the original creation time is well in the past. For example:



DX NetOps Spectrum & VNA Release : 21.2 or later


The Alarm may not have been cleared in the Viptela Console, so when the system reads the table, its still there and it updates Spectrum.


In the following example:

The Alarm Creation date above was Dec 2nd - the last Update was Dec 15th. This information comes from VNA.

The Spectrum Alarm Date is Jan 28th when it was restarted and VNA resent the alarm - and the Last occurrence is 13th Feb 2022.

So even if you clear an alarm in Spectrum, it doesn’t clear it from VNA.  It isn’t until the alarm is cleared downstream from VNA in the Viptella console that it would get removed. 

The best way to address this then is to use filters if there are alarms that you don't wish to appear.