Upgrading drive firmware on Dell MD3860 or NetApp E5600
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Upgrading drive firmware on Dell MD3860 or NetApp E5600


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Security Analytics


Often manufacturers update software in the form of firmware updates on their hardware devices, specifically their storage units or storage arrays.  If a firmware update is required on either the Dell MD3860f or the NetApp E5600 storage array, these steps will take you through the update process.

The latest firmware files are normally found on either NetApp or Dell's website but can also be found below. It is always recommended to only update firmware if suggested by technical support.


Updating the firmware first requires a firmware file that is specific to the drive model in your storage arrays.  Drive models can be found in SANtricity by going to the Upgrade > View Firmware Inventory screen.  Drive firmware will be listed towards the bottom.

To upgrade the firmware, it is recommended that all I/O activity be stopped going to the storage array.  Stop capture on the Security Analytics sensor and if possible, stop all services by running "scotus stop" from the command line.

  1. Launch SANtricity
  2. Select the storage array in question.
  3. Go to the Upgrade menu option and then select Drive Firmware
  4. Click Add and browse to the firmware file and then click Next.
  5. Either click the checkbox for Select all or you can Shift-click or CTRL-click to select the drives. (NOTE: the wizard will not upgrade firmware on drives that aren't supported or that already have the latest firmware installed)
  6. Click Finish and wait for the drives to update (about 15-30 seconds per drive).
  7. Once complete, click Close.
  8. Check the View Firmware Inventory screen again to confirm all drives are running the correct firmware.

Resume I/O activity by going back to the sensor and running "scotus start".

Additional Information

Firmware files for the drives located in the Dell MD3860f storage array are found below.  Only use the firmware file that corresponds to the specific drive model.

ST4000NM015A = CSD7
ST4000NM0063 = GSFB
ST4000NM0135 = DSF3



MD3860f_drive_firmware_1678915815547.zip get_app