How to update the password set in Ghost Solution Suite tasks
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How to update the password set in Ghost Solution Suite tasks


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Ghost Solution Suite


According to the network and security properties, the passwords for administrators and users change after a certain number of days. In such a scenario, the password becomes invalid and all jobs and tasks using the user name whose password changes must be modified to use the new password.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.3


Accounts set in GSS jobs/tasks have had their password change since the task was created


The Task Password option provides administrators with a simple option to manage all password changes from a centralized location.
This feature lets you set or change user passwords from a central location, so you can modify the password for the Copy File to, Distribute Software, Run Script, Distribute Personality, and Capture Personality tasks when creating or modifying jobs.
This tab is enabled only to administrators and select users who have been granted the appropriate privileges.
The Status field displays the results of password updates. Example: User A's user name and password is used in ten tasks. If you want to update the password for these ten tasks, you can do so through the Task Password option. After the password is updated, the Status field displays the message: Password for 10 tasks updated.