How to change LDAP password in CA SDM 17.3
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How to change LDAP password in CA SDM 17.3


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


In a distributed environment on Windows Server 2019 Standard of CA SM 

We cannot see users that exist in LDAP from CA SDM. It's necessary to change the option ldap_pwd because the  Admin changed the password from Active Directory.

Is it necessary to encrypt the password?

On the other hand, CA SDM has integrated CA SC with CA EEM and LDAP.

Is it correct that CA SDM is directly integrated with LDAP?



Release: 17.3 or higher
Component:  CA Service Desk Manager


The LDAP_HOST and LDAP_PWD are used for uploading contacts using pdm_ldap_import and pdm_ldap_sync tools or any other "Create Contact from LDAP" process. Once the import and sync are complete, you should have contact records updated in your SDM from the LDAP source. Updating the password in SDM should not be necessary.  Please validate that the EEM Authentication is set up correctly. Check one of its Access Types where the Web Authentication/Validation Type should be: CA EEM-Use CA Embedded Entitlements Manager.

The SDM LDAP and EEM are mutually exclusive. To set up EEM you need to set up Option Manager Security options like use_eiam_authentication. You don't need to unset LDAP_Host or LDAP_PWD to make the EEM authentication work.