Large String - Rich text field does not allow sub-bullet to have their own numbering
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Large String - Rich text field does not allow sub-bullet to have their own numbering


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In the current Clarity version the rich text field does not change the sequencing when using an ordered list and indents (it just continues the numeric list in order, with no differentiation for indent levels).


For example: In Word and in Rally I can create a bulleted list as follows:

1. Top level
      1.1 second level: First child
          1.1.1 third level
      1.2 second level: second child


In Clarity RTF field the sub bullet number will follow the parent number

1. Top level
      2 second level: First child
          3 third level
      4 second level: second child


Release : 16.1.0


Between 15.9.2 and a subsequent release we changed the underlying technology that supports rich text attributes.


As per Product Management the rich text tool in Clarity today is working as designed. There is an effort planned to replace Clarity Large String Rich Text Formatting (RTF) component to start the replacement of the current rich text tooling to match that of Rally. If Broadcom can finish that effort in a single PI, this issue will be resolved in the May-2023 release. However, there is a chance the effort will require 2 PIs and result in resolving this issue in the Aug-2023 release.

Please participate in the monthly innovation process to help Product Management further prioritize this effort.

Customers can register by emailing Product Management via [email protected].

This Knowledge Base article has the PDF with full description of each call