sqlserver custom checkpoint query is not taking its message variables
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sqlserver custom checkpoint query is not taking its message variables


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have created a custom checkpoint in the sqlserver probe but while testing in some of the servers where the checkpoint is deployed, we are not able to add and save the variables. 

The reason is that on some of the servers where we are creating this checkpoint with a custom query, the query does not return any result. 

When this happens we cannot select variables and consequently, the Threshold value for comparison cannot be selected. 

How can we resolve this? 


Release : UIM 20.x, sqlserver pobe any version. 


Working as designed. If the custom query doesn't return any value there won't be any variable to save, so this is working as expected. 




Create a new profile but modify the query so it does return some result, even if that is not the final version of the query. 

The objective is to create an output so the query can read at least one row returned by the probe and be able to register the variables that come from the rows and column values. 


With the edited query, edit the variables there, and create a threshold.


After you have created a checkpoint using the query that has results, go into the checkpoint again and update the query so it is the desired one. 

The variables will be kept and will be used