Parent-child relationship tables for Hierarchies - Modern UX
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Parent-child relationship tables for Hierarchies - Modern UX


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Parent child relationship tables seem to be missing for Hierarchies of the Modern UX. We understand that ODF_HIERARCHIES and ODF_HIERARCHY_NODES are the two tables that contain data related to this functionality. But how to determine the various levels at which investments / projects are placed?


Version: 16.1.0.


Parent-child relationship can be established with data present in the odf_hierarchy_nodes table itself.

  • Investments belonging to a hierarchy are represented by 'hierarchy_id' column
  • 'sequence' column represents the sequence in which an investment appears
  • 'parent_sequence' column represents the parent investment to a child investment. If this column holds -1, then it means that this investment does not have a parent
  • 'lvl' column provides the level of an investment within the hierarchy
  • If there are multiple branches, then 'nnb_sequence' provides the sequence number of an investment that diverges from the current branch

The column descriptions on this table provide further details.