NFA Administration shows duplicate device entries
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NFA Administration shows duplicate device entries


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


DX NetOps Performance Management Portal for Network Flow Analysis (NFA) Inventory shows duplicate devices.

Seen by accessing Administration->Data Sources->NFA Data Source. In Manage Monitoring search for the device involved.

We see two entries returned. Both share the same name and IP address. One shows a Normal/Green Flow Status value. One shows a Critical/Red Flow Status value.

Why are there duplicate entries?


All supported DX NetOps releases


The devices represent Flow data sent to different Harvesters. When the Flow data is sent to one Harvester, and then it's changed to send to a different Harvester, one item is left to reference the prior historical data collected. A new item is created for the new Flow data arriving at the different Harvester. As a result both remain in Inventory.


In order to have a single entry one would need to be deleted or age out.

Note: Flow based Views in Reports in Portal will show data representing both items in NFA in one single data stream.

Customer choice how to resolve this. Choices are:

  • Leave it to age out. Modify the tool workflow used to ID the Harvesters involved when seeing situations like this.
    • If each is from a different Harvester (expose the Harvester column to show this) check the last time Flow was seen for each.
    • That will ID which stores old and which stores new data.
  • Delete the old one outright if the old data is of no use.