APM NodeJS agent compatibility and installation questions
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APM NodeJS agent compatibility and installation questions


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DX Application Performance Management


Request for information of the compatibility of the APM NodeJS agent with the versions of the NodeJS listed used by the system that will be monitored.

NodeJS 14.17.3 and 16.18.0
Python 3.6 and 3.8

Another question is if a offline installation possible?


Release : 22.1


Based on the review of following documents (listed at bottom), the current APM Agent is not certified and supported on the following environments.

Node 14.17.3 and 16.18.0
Python 3.6 and 3.8

Also, latest NodeJS APM agents (agents from DX APM 22.1, APM 10.8 and APM SAAS; all these agents can report metric to on-premise DX APM 22.X platform) are not certified and supported for offline installation. 

CA Application Performance Management Compatibility Guides

Supportability Matrix for the Node.js Agent
DEV team continues to include the new releases, once certification is complete and support is ready, it will be added in the compatibility guide. Customer can check back in few months.

Prerequisites for Node.js Agent

Download and Install the Node.js Agent

APM 10.7
Install the Node.js Probe Agent to an Offline Production System (No Code Change)

The following document explains offline install, but document is related to older APM 10.7 agent.
Options to install Node JS agent offline