Issue reading the LLDP mib for some Cisco devices
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Issue reading the LLDP mib for some Cisco devices


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


Question, we have a cisco device family that has a bug and is sending faulty information. They would like Spectrum to try and collect some information from this device but eliminate SNMP-MED MIB, 1.0.8802. from the device. I told them this could not be done since using the Cisco Mib and cannot remove individual oids. They are asking if I can create a new model with a different polling profile for these devices. I was about to say no again since I believe the only polling done is up and down, but maybe I am wrong. Need someone smarter than me to let me know if another way. 


Release : Any
Component: SpectroSERVER


The LLDP mib is primarily read during the discovery/modeling process. You can disable the reading of the LLDP mib by not selecting reading the "Discovery Protocol Tables" in the Protocol Options. However, this disables for all models and all Discovery Protocols.

This is an issue with the device and needs to be addressed by the vendor.