FIDO specification used in VIP Authentication Hub
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FIDO specification used in VIP Authentication Hub


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VIP Authentication Hub


What FIDO specification is used in VIP Authentication product?


Release : Oct.05


The FIDO Alliance has published three sets of specifications for simpler, stronger user authentication: FIDO Universal Second Factor (FIDO U2F), FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF) and the Client to Authenticator Protocols (CTAP). CTAP is complementary to the W3C’s Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification; together, they are known as FIDO2. All FIDO protocols are based on public key cryptography and are strongly resistant to phishing (for more information, see How FIDO Works). They provide for a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios.

Read the technical specifications on the specifications download page.

In Authentication Hub product we use FIDO2 which is a successor to older specs of FIDO ( UAF,U2F) and effectively a combination of WebAuthN and CTAP2.