CA7 abend S0C4 on z/OS 2.4 in ACF2 module ACF00SST+124
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CA7 abend S0C4 on z/OS 2.4 in ACF2 module ACF00SST+124


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 CA7 at r12  abended S0C4 in ACF00SST=x'124'.
CA7 exit SASSXX02 calls ACF2 module ACF00SST


Release : 15.0


Here is a resolution to  the abend in ACF00SST+x'124'.
When your program calls ACF00SST, there is a third parameter that can be passed

Contains the address of the following parameter list:
+0-Address of an eight-character source name.
+4-Address of an eight-character group name.
+8-Address of an optional 4096-byte work area. If the high-order bit of the address is on, it is assumed to be a work area address. 
     Otherwise, the address is ignored, and ACF00SST does a GETMAIN for its work area.

if the parms are setup in this manner, ACF2 will not getmain its own area
and will use the one passed.
As you are running in 24bit mode, we will be able to access the area.
Our code currently obtains storage above the line if you do not supply a workarea
the storage will not be obtained in the correct mode and therefore will get an S0C4 abend.

change your parmlist for the call to ACF00SST
CALL ACF00SST,(parm1,parm2,parm3)
CALL ACF00SST,(parm1,parm2,parm3),VL
Parm3 should point to a 4k workarea.