Notification on all ticket creations
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Notification on all ticket creations


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Currently we have two users who are notified on all ticket creations.  We want to add a user with this feature but we can't find the solution.


Release : 17.3

CA Service Desk Manager


To notify a specific user for all request tickets that are being created (assuming an OOB environment with all default content available)

  1. In Service Desk Web UI (Administrator Role)  Access the Administration tab, then drill down to Notifications -> Activity Notifications, and select "Initial"

  2. Under "Initial Activity Notification Detail", choose the OOB "Default initial Notification Rule for request/incident/problem".  Make sure that the Object Type is for "Request/Incidents/Problems".  If you need to apply the notification setting for another object such as Change Orders, adjust the Object Type Field first before choosing the Default initial Notification Rule.

  3. Under "Default initial Notification Rule for request/incident/problem Detail", select the "Contacts" tab, and then "Update Contacts", selecting the user who should be assigned the given notification, then save the change.  In this example, we have populated the "ServiceDesk" user