idarchive command to delete old CA7 data
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idarchive command to delete old CA7 data


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iDash Workload Automation for CA 7


The idarchive command can be used to remove historical data from the database.

Is it possible to use idarchive command to delete only old CA7 iDash data from the iDash databases?



Release : 12.1.02


The idarchive command is only for Autosys runs, and only for adding or removing records obtained from an Autosys archive file.

idarchive can not be used to delete CA7 data.

For CA 7 data, the controls for the length of time to retain records are found in the Admin Tool, on the iDash DB tab, on the Archive/SLA Settings sub tabs.

The online help (the blue question mark icon) explains what the Archive days and Maximum days settings do. These are global settings and apply to all CA 7 instances.

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