NetOps Portal and VNA : Duplicate devices
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NetOps Portal and VNA : Duplicate devices


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We have multitenancy enabled NetOps environment and created an IP Domain (NEW_IPDomain), then added devices to this IP Domain and can see it synced back in NetOps portal. But the same device is synced from VNA as well in NetOps portal. We dont want the duplicate device and want to keep only the device added into the NEW_IPDomain

Duplicate device in NetOps:

How can this be avoided?


DX NetOps Spectrum, VNA & CAPM : 20.2 or later


The IP Domains get synced from CAPM to Spectrum (and appear as Global Collections - GCs). So the NEW_IPDomain and the Default Domain will both appear under the Spectrum GC list.

The devices added to these GCs will then get synced back to CAPM, where they will be discovered by the DA and polled. If the device is already in CAPM, then it should be reconciled with the device being sync'd from Spectrum if they have the same name, IP address and are in the same IP Domain/GC.

The reason the devices have not been reconciled in this case (with duplicates in CAPM) is that they're in different IP Domains (Default Domain & NEW_IPDomain). This is most likely due to it existing in Spectrum under both equivalent GCs. It's possible when VNA syncs with Spectrum, that the device is directed to the Default Domain .

So remove it from membership of the Default Domain  GC and then on the next Global sync between Spectrum and CAPM, it should resolve it.