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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I can look up a device on the DA page, on the results a Item ID: 

I can find the same device in Spectrum as we have the life cycle sync between the products. For the exact same device there is an attribute called CACP_Item_Id

How do I make this translation? They are the same device however in PM I understand there is another ID (web id?) (netops ID?) (capc ID?) and I need to make this translation, I believe its in the mysql dB but don't know how to make the connection. 

I want to start with a DA "Item ID:" and figure out the CAPC_Item_ID. How can I do this? Odata? mysql queryb

How do I find the Spectrum CACP_Item_Id from the Data Aggregator Item ID?



Release : 21.2


The CAPC_Item_ID in Spectrum is the itemid on the CAPC/NetOps portal the dst_device table in mysql. The DA ItemID is the localID on the CAPC/NetOps Portal in the dst_device table in mysql. 

itemid = CAPC_Item_ID
localID = Item ID on the data source

So to get the CAPC_Item_ID and name of a device using the DA item ID you can use this mysql query. 

mysql>select itemID,LocalID,ItemName from dst_device where LocalID=<DA item ID>;