How to change the ISETS member
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How to change the ISETS member


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COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS SYSVIEW Performance Management Global Subsystem (GSS)


Upgrading from SYSVIEW from v15.0 to v17.0, SYSVIEW and SYSVUSER have their datasets defined in the procedures as v17.

However, the ISETS member, in Common Services CAW0OPTN library, define the ISET in one single member, thus a change in this member affects all z/OS lpars.

To overcome this, can an 'IF' statement be set to direct ISET to one lpar to the v17 IMODS datasets while other lpars are directed to the v15 IMODS dataset? 



COMMON SERVICES 15.0 - GSS 14.0 - SYSVIEW 16.0 & 17.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


GSS doesn't have an IF statement like other products but system symbols can be used in the GSS run parameters.  Here is one way of selecting a member using symbols: 

SYMBOLS ON                  

If the system name is "SYSA" then the ISETSYSA member would be included in this example. 

SYMBOLS   Enable or disable system symbol substitution. IBM's ASASYMBM    
          service is called for each RUNPARM member record and system     
          symbols.   Use the z/OS console command "D SYMBOLS" for a       
          list of available symbols. The &SYSNAME symbols is the most     
          common used symbol.                                             
Syntax    Use this format for the SYMBOLS parameter:                      
          SYMBOLS {ON|OFF}                                                
          Argument   Description                                          
          ON         Enables system Symbol substitution for CA-GSS/IServe 
                     runparm members.                                     
          OFF        Disables system Symbol substitution for CA-GSS/IServe
                     runparm members.                                     
          Here is an example of the SYMBOLS RUNPARM parameter:             
          SYMBOLS ON                                                      
          SYMBOLS OFF                                                     

Although it shows "SYMBOLS OFF", the recommendation is just putting "SYMBOLS ON" at the start of the GSS run parms and not bother turning it off.   

Only system symbols are available.  There are no GSS specific symbols at this point.