Staffing Workspace Allocations Timeline is not loading when 'Active' is secured
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Staffing Workspace Allocations Timeline is not loading when 'Active' is secured


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If the 'Required' filter fields from the Common Investment for 'Active' is secured and the user does not have View or Edit access to the secured fields, the Staffing Workspace a Toast Message appears and NO records are loaded into the timeline. This is only occurring on the Staffing Workspace, when these fields are secured without the user having either 'View' or 'Edit' access they are functioning as expected in other areas. This happens in Postgres.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Administration Attributes grid and secure the 'Active' field from the Common Investment object 
  2. Do NOT grant Edit or View access 
  3. Navigate to the Staffing Allocations Timeline 
  4. The blue Toast message shows 'Conditions referring to deleted or deactivated attributes have been removed' which is expected, however a red Toast message appears for the secured field 
  5. The spinner showing records loading is still there, but it does not load any records even after waiting for some time 

Expected Results: The field should be removed without causing a red Toast Message error, and records should load into the timeline rows. 

Actual Results: Toast Message appears and NO rows are loaded into the timeline layout. 

'Active' (required) filter field - API-1005 : Attribute(s) 'investments____isActive' specified in query parameters are not supported or secured. 

Workaround: Grant 'View' access on the secured 'Active' Common Investment field to the users that will use the Staffing Workspace Allocations Timeline and data will load properly. 


Release 16.1.1 




Targeted Fix in Release 16.1.2