Endpoint Protection Google Chrome Extension Overrides Cloud User Policy
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Endpoint Protection Google Chrome Extension Overrides Cloud User Policy


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Endpoint Protection


When using Google Chrome Extension under the Force Install Policy option by choosing an app or extension you want to automatically install, it will take priority and supersede any other extensions leveraged under the same key from the Google Admin console for Cloud User Policy. This is problematic for end-users that are assigned specific Google Chrome Extensions.


- Windows

- Google Chrome


Browser Intrusion Prevention for Windows


Disable Browser Intrusion Prevention and Cloud Users extensions will work as expected:

  1. Log into your SEPM
  2. Click On Policies
  3. Click on Intrusion Prevention
  4. Edit the Policy and click again on Intrusion Prevention
  5. Disable "Enable Browser Intrusion Prevention for Windows" and confirm the following Warning message
  6. Ensure you Save the Policy and push it out to the applicable Group


Additional Information

This has been reported internally and we are working to determine why our extension is override Cloud User Policy when enabled. Please consult with Support for a time frame in which a resolution will be provided.