VMAARC0189E Internal error occurred
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VMAARC0189E Internal error occurred


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VM:Archiver for z/VM


Running VM:Archiver 2.4 RSU 2201.

Received VMAARC0189E error as shown here:

VMBAT002 1475 VMAIUC1130E The ARCHIVE command was interrupted.                                        

VMBAT002 1475 VMAARC0189E Internal error occurred archiving APP453TA DX230191; rc = 12.                           
VMBAT002 1475 VMACMD1112I Ending command archive with completion code 189.    


And, the code looked like this:

VMAARC0172I File APP451TA DX230191 has been discarded.
VMAARC0159I APP451TA DX230191 archived successfully to STAGE.
VMAARC0161I 1 file archived; 0 files scheduled for archive.
Number files archived 1
Archiving date  DX230191
VMACOM1095E Order requiring a reply is not last in the buffer    <<<--------------------------------------------
Number files archived 1
  241 *-*     'pipe (end ?) cms listfile ' fn dtin fm ' (isodate noh '
  '| sort substr 1.4 of w2 a ',           '| spec words 1-3 1 ',
pec /callpipe (stagesep +) cms vmarch archive file / 1 ',           '
nw /(retpd 3660 stage discard owner spdsidc2 + console / nw ',
fanout ',           '| pipcmd  ',           '? fo: ',           '| coun
spec /Number files archived/ 1 w1 nw ',           '| console ',
      +++ RC(100) +++
No files meet criteria



The user archives thousands of files per day, so this is an unusual circumstance. 

Can you provide an explanation for the internal error?



Release : 2.4


An archive command was successfully generated but the execution resulted in the CMS PIPE stage failing because "No files meet the criteria".

The failure of the PIPE caused the IUCV connection to be broken between the batch machine (VMBAT002) and the VM:Archiver server.

The ARCHIVE FILE command copies the file from MiniDisk or SFS via DRONE orders (over the IUCV connection).   That is why when the IUCV connection was severed, the VMAIUC1130E was issued stating the ARCHIVE command was interrupted followed by the VMAARC0189E indicating an internal error occurred.