Cannot find staging table object on data source query creation
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Cannot find staging table object on data source query creation


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Information Centric Analytics


When attempting to re-create a data source query that has been deleted, the following error is displayed in the console:

Request Failed

Your request failed. Click 'OK' to close this window or 'Refresh' to refresh the page.
Try again or contact the site administrator.
Status: 500
StatusText: Internal Server Error
Error: Cannot find the object 'dbo.<staging table name>' because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.

Error ID: <n>

The RiskFabricAppPool identity is confirmed to have the sysadmin role in SQL Server and the user is able to successfully create other data source queries in the same manner.


Release : 6.x

Component : Integration Wizard


The file specified in the Download path can't be overwritten due to a read lock or file permissions.


This failure is resolved by ensuring the CSV file to be imported will not overwrite an existing CSV for the same integration. This is accomplished by deleting the existing file from the Download path specified in the data source query prior to modifying the job.