IP Address List for interfaces does not show the correct ip addresses.
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IP Address List for interfaces does not show the correct ip addresses.


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


For a pair of interfaces in the DX Netops Portal, we see one interface has the ip of the other interface.


Release : 22.2.x


If you see this issue pleas open a case with support with the following data:

1)Verify the DA has the correct IP addresses for the interfaces in question:

a) Get the DA localid of the interfaces in question bis steps 1-4 of the KB:


b) Use that to get the Data Aggregator  rest for the ports:


Adjust the port/protocol as needed.

2) Collect a CA Remote Engineer from the DX Netops Portal:


3) Show the mismatch via a screenshot.

4) Please provide a walk of the device using sapwalk2:

On CAPM 3.6 or later, sapwalk is already installed on each Data Collector at:


Note that your exact path may vary if you did not install the Data Collector in the default location.

Here is some example syntax:

Note: a full walk should start at 1.3.6, or use a targeted OID if requested for troubleshooting.

sapwalk2 -i <ip> -v v2c -s 1.3.6. -c <community> -o device_mib.walk

Usage: sapwalk2
         -i  ip_address
         -v  snmp_version(v1/v2c/v3)
         -s  startoid
         <-c  community for v1/v2c           >
         <-u  username  for v3               >
         <-l  seclevel  (nAnP/AnP/AP) for v3 >
         [-xt auth type (MD5/SHA) for v3     ]
         [-xa auth password for v3           ]
         [-xp priv password for v3           ]
         [-xn ctxtname  for v3               ]
         [-xe priv type (DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256)for v3  ]
         [-xi ctxtid    for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-e  engineid  for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-t  timeout(msec)                  ]
         [-r  retries                        ]
         [-f  compare (0/1)                  ]
         [-p  snmpport                       ]
         [-d  sleep_bet_req(msec)            ]
         [-m  maxlexerrors                   ]
         [-z  samples:delay_in_msec:<oidfile> for ratecomputation of counter/gauge variables]
         [-o  walkoutput filename            ]
         [-n  max num of variables to learn  ]
         [-xf filename containing oids to be excluded(one per line) ]
         [-xr guestimate max rows            ]
         [-xs source ip                      ]
         [-xy source endpoint (port)         ]
         [-xv bridge / or vlanstartoid for auto vlan learn]
         [-xl save timestamps (0/1)          ]
         [-xz timestamp threshold (def=10sec)
         [-b  getbulk flag (0/1)             ]

5) Get the itemid of the interfaces in question by navigating to each interface's context page and noting the IDs see the InterfaceID=<ID> portion of the URL: