Clear Spectrum alarm via REST api
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Clear Spectrum alarm via REST api


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CA Spectrum


What the is REST API to clear an alarm?


Release : 21.2


 There is no single rest command to clear every alarm. The clear will change with each alarm depending on how the event that creates the alarm is programmed.

This is the create event command.  You will need to create “clear” event for specifically the alarm in question. 


To clear an alarm, it needs a specific clear event and you would send that event to the device to clear the alarm.  Let's take an example 0x00210029
we can see this event has no severity so does not generate an alarm.  It only clears the 0x00210024 alarms. 

Cisco_Router/EventDisp:0x00210028 E 50 A 1,0x00210024

Cisco_Router/EventDisp:0x00210029      C 0x00210024

 I create the 0x00210028 event on model 0x94063a3b as follows:


that event creates the 0x00210024 alarm as per SPECROOT/SS/CsVendr/Cisco_Router/EventDisp:

0x00210028 E 50 A 1,0x00210024


 I then create the 0x00210029 event on the same model 0x94063a3b as follows:



that clears the 0x00210024 alarm as per the eventDisp

0x00210029      C 0x00210024


And puts it in the clear alarms history


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