Alter a new object CREATOR at ICL generation time using RC/Migrator
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Alter a new object CREATOR at ICL generation time using RC/Migrator


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


Two database objects are compared where the objects have associated dependent objects eg: Tables have associated Indexes. 
When the SOURCE objects have dependents that do not exist in the TARGET these are defined by the compare as SOURCE CREATED NEW OBJECTS.

Normally the main objects of the compare would find matching target objects and normally the CREATOR of the TARGET object remains the same as before.
The identity of it does not normally change. Often the attributes of the object are changed which is why the user is doing the compare in the first place.
A new column might be added or an existing column might have a format change.

Often also the user is making additions of new dependents such as new indexes for tables. New indexes that do not exist on the target but exist on the
SOURCE which might be made for application performance reasons.

When the compare strategy is analyzed, normally GLOBAL CHANGES on the analysis are used to change the CREATORS of the new objects in order to
make them valid for the target environment. If however the Compare Strategy will be used to generate ICL there is a problem. There are no Global Changes
available when the ICL is generated. Left as it is the ICL is generated with the dependent new objects using the SOURCE creator.

How can the creator be changed for the new objects in the ICL itself so that they already have the TARGET creator?


Normally this would mean that allowances would have to be made when the ICL is analyzed in order to correctly change these CREATORS to the valid ones for the target environment.
This would be done by using a ICL GROUP ANALYSIS utilizing a Global Change set attached to each group member.
This Global Change would make the changes to the new and existing object CREATORS in the final analysis output. Effectively you make the changes at analysis time.

There is one other method and that is to make the changes before the ICL is generated, not after!!

UPDATE the original compare strategy with a "U", then in the COMMAND line enter the "GLOBAL" command. This initiates the COMPARE GLOBAL CHANGES feature.
Here for listed objects you can specify GLOBAL CHANGES just like in the COPY GROUP analysis which will operate on the objects before the ICL is generated. 
It will operate on UNMATCHED SOURCE OBJECTS and here the changes are made from the SOURCE CREATOR to the TARGET CREATOR.
Then when the ICL is generated it will already be changed to the target CREATOR on the indexes.
There would not be any need to use Global Changes in the COPY GROUP unless there was yet another target with different CREATOR's to be addressed by the same ICL.

Note that the COMPARE GLOBAL CHANGES would also impact in the same way on a regular analysis and generate changes to the unmatched dependent objects accordingly.

Additional Information

Read more about the Compare Global Changes feature in the RC/Migrator User Guide Define Global Change Sets