Roadmap picklist color does not update immediately when created from Roadmap Grid
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Roadmap picklist color does not update immediately when created from Roadmap Grid


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Our roadmap users are finding that when they create a picklist and add color to the picklist values, these colors will not be visible on the Roadmap Timeline view until the user logs out and back into Clarity.

Whilst in most scenarios, the roadmap color picklists will update automatically, if created from Roadmap Grid, they remain white/colorless and require action such as refresh to get it taken into account



  1. Open a Roadmap with several items added - Roadmap Grid
  2. View Options - Manage Picklist
  3. Add a New Picklist with 2 Choices and assign Color
  4. Now Add this field to the Roadmap Grid
  5. Select a value for few roadmap items
  6. Note the value is not having any color
  7. Now go to Roadmap Timeline
  8. Go to View Options - set Color by to this new picklist
  9. Note the color does not display in the Timeline
  10. Now return to the Roadmap list
  11. Reopen the Roadmap again - note the field on Grid and Timeline is still colorless

Expected Results: The picklist color to update immediately as it does if you add it from Timeline View Options

Actual Results: The picklist color does not update unless browser is refreshed or user logs off and back in


Release : 16.1.0, 16.1.1



  • Click refresh in browser or log off and log back in
  • Use Roadmap Timeline to create the Picklist with color, then go to Roadmap Grid to assign it

This is DE68442, fixed in 16.1.2