Using CAUNZIP to process Broadcom Support solution packages
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Using CAUNZIP to process Broadcom Support solution packages


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Steps to use the CAUNZIP utility to extract the contents of a solution package order that was created via the Broadcom Support Portal. 


Release : 15.1


  1. Create a solution package order via the Broadcom Support Portal containing the maintenance PTFs.  
    For instructions, see  Article Id: 259093
  2. Copy the zip file, created by Broadcom Support Portal, to a USS directory on your mainframe.
  3. Download and RECEIVE the Broadcom cumulative HOLDDATA file before processing this order. 
  4. Use the CAUNZIP utility to unzip the file and generate RECEIVE JCL. In the output of the CAUNZIP job, the ZIPRPT dataset provides SAMPLE JCL to execute the SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNTS processing.
  5. Cut and paste the SAMPLE JCL into a data set and specify the SMP/E CSI data set name on the SMPCSI DD statement. 
  6. Submit the job to RECEIVE the PTFs . Make sure the job runs with RC 0000.  SMPOUT shows the PTFs that have been RECEIVED.

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