Db Maintainance in Automic
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Db Maintainance in Automic


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Db Maintainance in Automic


Release : 12.x and 21.x


Database maintenance is Must in an Automation Engine environment, as the system's performance is highly dependent upon the DB's response time.
Maintenance has to be performed with Automic utilities DB Archive, DB Reorg, and DB Unload on a regular basis.

1 - Reorganized data

The Automic DB contains a lot of data related to job processing and object versions. Here is the list of tables that are affected by maintenance:

  • MELD : contains messages [visible in the message window of the GUI].
  • RH and RT : contain all information related to execution reports.
  • AH : contains statistics.
  • OH : Contains all the objects (JOBS, EVNT, USER, CLNT, ...) and their versions [visible in the documentation tab]
  • XAO : Records the history of modifications against objects, which can consult through the Revision Report.

2 - Automic Utilities

  • DB Archive makes a backup copy of the entries, which can, later on, be read through the Archive Browser.
  • DB Reorg will flag entries that should be deleted.
  • DB Unload will delete the flagged entries.