Events that are triggering are Not showing up in CAPLIST
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Events that are triggering are Not showing up in CAPLIST


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


  The issue is that while we are ‘triggering’ events they are not showing up in the CAPLIST.     The screen print just below was taken at 11:43am and the event is not showing.    The mail below that shows we ‘triggered’ an event which sent the email  at 11:30am.    This event does not show in the CAPLIST as it should.   


SYSVIEW 17.0 XXXX ------ CAPLIST, Captured Event List ----- 2023/01/27 11:43:46

Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE

------------------------------------------------ Lvl 2 Row 1-14/66 Col 1-79/428


System index dsname  HLQ.SYSVIEW.V170.CAPINDEX.PRDB          Volser VVVVVV

Total Recs    66 Blks 22797 Expd     0  Select Recs    66 Blks 22797 Expd     0


Cmd      CreDate    CreTime  SysName  Member   Descr

________ 2023/01/27 11:00:03 XXXX     OVERVIEW Overview status

________ 2023/01/27 10:00:04 XXXX     OVERVIEW Overview status

________ 2023/01/27 09:00:06 XXXX     OVERVIEW Overview status

________ 2023/01/27 08:00:05 XXXX     OVERVIEW Overview status


Release : 17.0


There is code in the capture that will automatically capture a LISTLOG command if any error occurs in the internal SYSVIEW session that gets created to process the capture member.  When this occurs look at the LISTLOG command in that capture to determine what happened.
If no error occurs then a capture does not get created unless the capture member contains a CAPTURE command.