ssg/backup failing 502 error
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ssg/backup failing 502 error


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CA API Gateway


Bad Gateway  This server received an invalid response from a server it consulted when acting as a proxy or gateway

Only /ssg/backup appears to be affected.

This appears to be caused by recent patches to our gateways.  The listen port works fine until you make a change to it, like disable TLS-1.0 then save.  After that /ssg/backup throws the Bad Gateway error.  Adding TLS-1.0 back does not resolve the issue.  All other listen ports still work as long as we don't make changes.  Only /ssg/backup appears to be affected.


Release : 10.1


# mysql ssg

mysql>  update connector set endpoints = 'MESSAGE_INPUT,ADMIN_REMOTE_SSM,ADMIN_APPLET,OTHER_SERVLETS' where port = 8443;

mysql> exit

# service ssg restart

when the gateway restarts the bad error goes away.

If you didnt have tls 1.0 enabled and enable it you will again get the bad gateway error you will have to do the process again. You can leave tls 1.0 checked.