AppNeta - Manually removal of .id file
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AppNeta - Manually removal of .id file


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You may encounter a monitoring point that was not decommissioned correctly, and so the monitoring is unable to check into the Manage Monitoring Points page.

This is usually caused by manually deleting the monitoring point from the Manage Monitoring points page, but not decommissioning the monitoring point.


If in this situation you wish to attempt to restore the appliance, you can manually remove the .id file.

This may be a scenario if you are restoring older monitoring points in order to deploy them to another location.



Manually removing the .id file, requires SSH access to the monitoring point or console connection.


1, Turn On SSH on Monitoring Point - 

2. SSH into Monitoring Point - using putty or another SSH client.  

ssh admin@<IP Address of your monitoring point>

3. When prompted for the admin password, enter to log into the device.

4. Once logged in:

cd /opt/pathview/config

4. ls -la to verify there is an .id file

ls -la

5. Then Remove the .id file:

sudo rm .id

5. ls -la again to verify .id file is deleted

ls -la

6. Finally restart the networking service.  Be aware you may loose connectivity with the device.

sudo systemctl restart networking

7. Wait 5-10 mins for networking service to restart.

8. The monitoring point should show up in the Manage Monitoring Points page. 

9. If you were successful, you can disable the SSH service as needed.