Endevor - Selection list for SIGNIN action missing elements
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Endevor - Selection list for SIGNIN action missing elements


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Using endevor foreground panels to select elements to be used for either:

  • Perform foreground actions on them
  • Add actions to a batch run to be submitted later
  • Add actions to a package

When the involved action is SIGNIN, the element selection list presented to the user may be missing elements that show up in the selection list for other actions like MOVE. This may happen even though the element selection criteria entered in the action prompter panel is the same in both cases.

Why does this happen?


Release : 18.1


The program that builds the element list has an additional filter when the action being processed is SIGNIN.

Only elements that are NOT already 'signed out' to some user will show up in the list.

That is, only elements having blanks in the 'SIGNOUT TO' field in its MCF display panel will be candidate to show up in a selection list for SIGNIN action.

The reason is simple. The SIGNIN action is the opposite of SIGNOUT and its only purpose is to clear the userid stored in the 'SIGNOUT TO' field. It makes no sense to SIGNIN an element which is not signed out to anybody.